Commdex Adds Unique Integration Between Genesis & Mcmtech Solutions to Federal Contract Vehicles

Atlanta, Ga. April 28, 2021 Commdex is proud to announce we have added the software solutions of Birmingham, Alabama-based Mcmtech’s (also known as MCM Technology, LLC) and the Tyler, Texas – based Genesis Group for purchase under the Department of the Interior (DOI) FieldCom and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) TACCOM II Contract Vehicles. These solutions will now be offered as part of our complete wireless network solutions designs and deployed for mission critical voice and data networks for Government customers over land mobile radio, 4G/LTE, SATCOM and other technologies.

Mcmtech develops best-in-class, communications-centric asset management software solutions enabling its customers to track, manage, and maintain their complex equipment inventory and efficiently manage their land mobile radio operations.  Mcmtech solutions provide complete life-cycle management of both fixed infrastructure and mobile technology assets by automating processes for procuring, tracking, configuration, maintenance, billing, and retiring assets.

Genesis develops industry leading software solutions to monitor and proactively manage Motorola ASTRO 25 systems by collecting data from multiple sources and producing one integrated, centralized solution that simplifies reporting, validates decisions and saves time.  Commdex has also added their offerings to the DOI FieldCom contract, with integration options included to connect Genesis and Mcmtech’s offerings together and provide more synergy and value to the customer.

Genesis’ GenWatch3® ATIA software oversees the system performance piece, and Mcmtech, with its Commshop or Commasset solutions, tackles the management of the actual radio equipment needed to make the system work.  Both Genesis and Mcmtech share a critical objective to enable a new level of efficiency for managing radio communications systems.  When those agencies incorporate the Radio Activity Management and GenIIB (Genesis Information Interoperabilty Broker) integration between the two companies’ offerings, the result is a unique ability to streamline processes, reduce potential errors or duplications, and actually provision radios directly on the radio system.  This integrated functionality not only advances accountability, but also saves time and ensures efficiencies when it comes to managing complex LMR systems.

The purpose of the DOI FieldCom contract is to provide a vehicle to purchase a full array of field communications products and professional services. The DOI’s objective is to provide a flexible contract vehicle to support how they plan, design, implement, maintain and decommission their various field communications solutions.  The contract is available for use by DOI and other federal agencies. The Radio Activity Manager integration between Genesis and Mcmtech is now eligible across all three FieldCom functional categories within Commdex’s contract.  The inclusion of this unique tool opens up a whole new level of integration, efficiency, and accountability and enhances an already impressive portfolio of products and services offered by Commdex.


About Mcmtech

Headquartered in Birmingham, AL, Mcmtech’s solutions provide complete life-cycle management of complex, mission critical assets by automating processes for tracking, managing, maintaining, billing, accounting for, and retiring assets.  Their technology is being used to track over 2,000,000 assets valued at over $5 billion.  Mcmtech has a strong presence in the Federal, State, and Local Government market where solutions like Commshop and Commasset bring an unprecedented level of operational efficiency for customers supporting radio communications evidenced by hundreds of implementations including 18 statewide systems.  With over 20 years of experience, Mcmtech offers Commasset, Commshop, Motiontrack and Motion360 solutions which are geared towards markets such as telecommunications, transportation (airports, port authorities, etc.), utilities, information technology, energy and more.

Press Contact: Jamie LeBeau, Strategic Sales & Marketing Manager



About Genesis

The Genesis Group has provided performance management and billing software for critical Public Safety communications systems for over 30 years.  Based in Tyler, Texas, Genesis has deployed software solutions into over 2,000 two-way communications systems worldwide. Genesis’ GenWatch3 software runs behind the scenes, ensuring solid reliability in most Nationwide, Statewide, and Regional Public Safety two-way communications systems with heavy penetration at the local level as well.  In addition to being the standard in performance management software for Public Safety radio systems, Fortune 500 companies in North America that employ two-way radio networks have widely adopted Genesis solutions.  Genesis enterprise products have high attachments in the manufacturing, mining, transportation, utilities, IT, and energy production sectors.  Genesis products are supported through their Tyler, Texas operations center as well as branch support offices in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Press Contact:  Kelley Clarida, Vice President, Sales & Marketing



About Commdex

Commdex provides network solutions to telecommunications service providers and manufacturers for the deployment of telecom networks, facilities, and supporting systems. Commdex specializes in designing and implementing mission-critical voice and data networks over Wi-Fi, microwave, land mobile radio, and other technologies. Commdex offers a broad, rich portfolio of proven telecom solutions. Its solutions, services, and methodologies have been tested and proven in hundreds of customer environments. Its customer base ranges from the state, local, and federal customers to large enterprises and equipment manufacturers. For more information, visit Commdex at


Press Contact: Austin Knowles; Sales & Marketing