Commdex Awarded Microwave Network Contract in Creek County, Oklahoma

Atlanta, GA, June 2nd, 2016 – Commdex, a wireless systems integration firm, has been selected to provide microwave engineering services as part of a major project to upgrade the radio system that supports public safety agencies in Creek County, Oklahoma. This radio system upgrade will improve communications, efficiency, and emergency readiness for over 100 critical agencies countywide. The radio system is said to be the most elite, state-of-the-art system of its kind in the state, and is scheduled to be at every agency in the county in about 14 months.

The new system will help to alleviate interoperability challenges that have plagued the county for many years. In 2012, a series of devastating wildfires burned tens of thousands of acres and destroyed hundreds of homes, which led Creek County to make the determination that new communications infrastructure, command center technology and radios were needed to better connect its public safety agencies. During this disaster, more than 130 different agencies, ranging from fire, police, emergency medical response and specialized entities, responded to the fires only to find they couldn’t successfully talk to each other by radio.

Commdex will perform a variety of microwave engineering services, including engineering path surveys and frequency coordination, and will assist in the installation, optimization, integration, and testing of the final microwave solution. This microwave network will serve as the backbone to the county-wide, interoperable communications system and is vital for stronger, more secure and better communications in both daily operations and emergency situations.

According to Commdex President, Prince Niyyar, “Commdex is proud to partner with Motorola Solutions and Creek County to deliver the microwave backbone infrastructure for the communications system that will enable public safety agencies to share vital voice and data information via radio amongst agencies in daily operations and emergency response situations. The new system will enhance the ability of these agencies to perform critical duties across the county, and we are proud to play a crucial role in helping to ensure the safety of first responders and the communities they serve.”

About Commdex Consulting

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