Commdex Continues Business Operations Amid the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

As COVID-19 (the coronavirus) continues to impact businesses, Commdex has pro-actively taken measures to ensure the continuity of our services, as well as the safety of our customers and employees.

Following guidance from CDC, and as a precautionary measure, all Commdex employees not physically required on a mission-critical project in the field, are temporarily working from home. All our employees have laptops, connectivity, and necessary applications to deliver our core business and offerings, regardless of location. Our management communicates daily with employees/partners to ensure awareness and rapid response to the changing situation.

As an additional step to protect our customers, employees, and their families from the spread of the virus, we have curtailed non-essential business travel. Recognizing many of our customers have implemented similar policies, we have instructed employees to conduct our business through phone and Skype communications services.

With our cloud-based operations, Commdex services and core-functions will not be impacted. With our geographically distributed employees, we are used to remote collaboration among our team and with our customers. Also, through redundancy of job functions, cross-training, and diversification, we are able to maintain the high-quality services that you expect from us to support the needs of critical systems.

At Commdex, our mission is to help our customers save lives. We are fully committed to continuity of our business operations and to help ensure the mission-critical operations of our customers continue to run optimally, without disruption.


About Commdex 

Commdex provides network solutions to telecommunications service providers and manufacturers for the deployment of telecom networks, facilities and supporting systems. Commdex specializes in designing and implementing mission critical voice and data networks over Wi-Fi, microwave, land mobile radio and other technologies. Commdex offers a broad, rich portfolio of proven telecom solutions. Its solutions, services and methodologies have been tested and proven in hundreds of customer environments. Its customer base ranges from state, local and federal customers, to large enterprises and equipment manufacturers. For more information, visit Commdex at