Commdex Publishes OEM Guidelines for Disinfecting Critical Equipment Used by Essential Workers.

Over the past year, Commdex has been partnered with the National Highway Cooperative Research Program to create the NHCRP 03-129, Essential Communications: A Guide to Land Mobile Radio (LMR). Titled ‘Blue Book: Wireless Communications for Public Agencies’, it does what no other book has done before: covering everything wireless in one document, with details for any public agency, and in an approachable manner. It describes the various methods, designs, and expectations for various forms of communication including traditional radio Push-To-Talk (PTT), cellular including FirstNet, satellite communications, and more. Originally set to be released this month, the decision was made to delay the publication in order to include crucial radio disinfection information aimed at combatting the COVID-19 outbreak.

After requesting and documenting each radio manufacturers’ recommended disinfection process, the Commdex team compiled a single table presenting each manufacturer and their recommended disinfectants. In addition to radio disinfection guides, The Blue Book will now include proper disinfectant procedures for dispatch equipment as well as smartphones.

Due to the critical delay in publication time, we’ve documented the information here for quick access. Commdex is committed to keeping the information maintained and updated to match the current best practices. We’ve offered our information to DHS SAFECOM, NPSTC, FirstNet Authority, APCO, including British and Canadian APCO, and media resources.  NPSTC in partnership with NASESMO has included the information in their COVID-19 Policy Guidance Checklist for EMS Agencies. In addition, we reached out directly to public agencies and also took part in a podcast with Urgent Communications

Prince Niyyar, Commdex’s President said, “We are pleased to assist our front-line essential workers in any way that we can. We hope that these quick disinfecting guides help ease their minds that the equipment designed to help them do their jobs, isn’t going to be making them sick.”

About Commdex

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