Commdex receives 100% satisfaction rating in customer survey

Norcross, Georgia — August, 01, 2009 – A survey of 93 recent Commdex customers conducted utilizing Constant Contact yielded unanimous results concerning the outstanding service and performance of Commdex —100% customer satisfaction.

A rapidly growing wireless systems integrator, Commdex provides a comprehensive portfolio of services for the telecommunications market, from consulting to engineering. The company has succeeded at the local and state level, gaining a diverse range of customers and partners, and the exceedingly positive survey responses confirm Commdex’s service quality.

The survey questioned a variety of factors, such as customer motives for choosing Commdex, service satisfaction level, customer recommendations, and overall value of the business experience. Question styles varied in approach: some directed measurable responses while others invited customer creativity in open responses. However, regardless of the question, responses were consistent in commendation and positivity.

For example, when customers were asked why they chose Commdex, 80% were motivated by the value it provides, while for only 12% of the customers indicated that lowest price was their deciding factor.

In terms of service quality, all the customers reported being from satisfied to extremely satisfied, and when asked the question “would you recommend Commdex to others?” they chorused a unanimous “yes.”

Some open questions provided customers the opportunity to comment freely on any particular quality(s) that stood out in the delivery of Commdex’s services. A range of responses followed, from general tributes to the company’s character, such as their “can-do attitude,” to more specific claims of the company’s skills, such as their “ability to customize services to the needs of the client.” Despite customer creativity in the responses, some common verbiage appears throughout: “experience,” “professionalism” and “expertise.”

When asked to comment on the overwhelmingly positive results, President of Commdex, Prince Niyyar said, “Even though Commdex cannot improve a perfect 100% customer satisfaction rating, we will do everything we can to maintain it. Commdex will continue to strive to improve services in every aspect by offering more competitive prices, enhancing efficiency, deepening expertise, and strengthening our can-do attitude.”