Commdex Selected to Implement In-building Wireless Solution for the City of San Francisco, CA

Atlanta, GA, February 28th, 2019 – Commdex, a leading provider of critical communications solutions, will implement an in-building wireless solution to enhance coverage within multiple facilities owned by City of San Francisco, boosting communications in seven critical locations where the ability to exchange information is imperative for safe and efficient operations.

A DAS installation consists of spatially separated antenna nodes connected to a common source via a transport medium that provides wireless service, allowing for more efficient management of wireless capacity in heavily-trafficked areas. A DAS solution was chosen, as it can enhance the user experience throughout these facilities. As more than 70% of calls originate indoors, users demand better coverage and higher bandwidth inside buildings and other structures. Further, public safety users require reliable, ubiquitous wireless coverage for daily operations and to guarantee the safety of the public, as well as themselves, in emergency situations.

Once implemented, the DAS solution will enhance coverage for multiple floors and the basement areas of key facilities throughout the city, ranging from jails and courthouses to museums and hospitals. The system will undergo extensive testing prior to final customer approval to ensure that all coverage requirements are exceeded. Under this contract, Commdex will provide a turnkey solution including RF surveys for coverage analysis, DAS design, installation and optimization, project management, and coverage testing for the in-building wireless system deployment.

According to Commdex President, Prince Niyyar, “These facilities require an optimum coverage solution designed to deliver enhanced communications that users can fully rely on in daily operations and emergency situations. Our DAS solution will be deployed with the assurance that the system performs not only as promised, but surpasses every expectation, from design to final implementation.”