NPS Tabs Commdex for Tier 3 Technical Support

Atlanta, Ga, October 12th, 2019 – The National Park Services has tabbed Commdex to provide expert information technology support services for a wide variety of technical disciplines to the National Park Service. The award is momentous as it demonstrates the trust the NPS has in Commdex to provide Tier 3 support services to the seven regional offices which provide specific Telecom and IT support services to national parks and field locations across the nation.

Commdex is responsible for providing national bureau level program management and technical, operational services in the effort of managing complex radio communications systems, radio assets, technical issues, and program challenges. The Commdex team will provide technical assistance to National Parks that require the support of the communications infrastructure nationwide.  This includes support for surge events or recovery from disasters and adverse weather events.

“We are excited about this project because it is another chance for Commdex to partner with the NPS and to provide needed support for such a vital organization,” said Commdex President Prince Niyyar. “We look forward to providing the technical expertise, oversight and management required to keep the vast communication network for the National Parks up and running at peak capacity.”


About Commdex 

Commdex, LLC, is a minority owned, small business in Smyrna, GA. Commdex specializes in providing network solutions to telecommunications service providers and manufacturers for the deployment of telecom networks, facilities and supporting systems. Commdex specializes in designing and implementing mission critical voice and data networks over Wi-Fi, microwave, land mobile radio and other technologies. Commdex offers a broad, rich portfolio of proven telecom solutions. Its solutions, services and methodologies have been tested and proven in hundreds of customer environments. Our customer base ranges from state, local and federal customers, to large enterprises and equipment manufacturers. For more information, visit Commdex at