Sole Source Federal HUBZone Contracting for Black Marlin Ventures This guide explains the sole source Federal HUBZone contracting process for Black Marlin Ventures, a joint venture between Commdex, LLC and Lucayan Technology Solutions, LLC.

What is the HUBZone Program? The HUBZone Program is a part of the Small Business Reauthorization Act of 1997, and a part of the Federal Government’s efforts to promote economic development and employment growth in historically underutilized business zones by awarding small businesses at least 3% of Federal contract dollars.

The U.S. Small Business Administration manages the program and encourages economic development in HUBZones by establishing preferences for participant businesses.

Who is Eligible?

  • Government Agencies: Any Federal agency can utilize the HUBZone sole source contracting process.
  • Contractors: Black Marlin Ventures is eligible for HUBZone sole source contracts provided Lucayan Technology Solutions remains the HUBZone certified partner within the venture and maintains an active role in contract performance.

What is a HUBZone Sole Source Contract?

A HUBZone sole source contract is a government contract awarded directly to a HUBZone-certified business, without competition from other businesses. In this case, Lucayan Technology Solutions, the HUBZone certified partner of Black Marlin Ventures, qualifies Black Marlin for this type of contract.

Why Use a HUBZone Sole Source Contract?

The government sets aside a portion of its contracting dollars for HUBZone businesses to encourage economic development in underserved communities. Sole source contracting with a HUBZone offers benefits to both the government and the contractor:

  • Government: Meets HUBZone contracting goals and potentially gains access to specialized expertise.
  • Contractor: Increased chance of securing a government contract.

The Sole Source Contracting Process

There are several key steps involved in the sole source HUBZone contracting process:

1. Government Need: The government agency identifies a requirement for goods or services that aligns with Black Marlin Ventures' capabilities.
2. Market Research: The Contracting Officer (CO) conducts market research to determine if there's a reasonable expectation of receiving at least two competitive
offers from other HUBZone businesses. This may involve:

  • Reviewing databases of certified HUBZone businesses
  • Issuing a public notice seeking HUBZone interest

3. Sole Source Justification: If the CO determines there's unlikely to be competitive HUBZone offers, they will prepare a justification document explaining why a sole source award to Black Marlin Ventures is the best course of action.
4. Negotiations: The CO negotiates the terms and conditions of the contract with Black Marlin Ventures. Lucayan Technology Solutions' HUBZone status and role
in the venture should be clearly documented.
5. Contract Award: Upon reaching agreement and receiving necessary approvals, the CO awards the contract to Black Marlin Ventures.

How to Get Started

Government Agencies: Contracting Officers should consult the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 19 regarding HUBZone contracting, specifically FAR 19.1306 for sole source awards

Additional Resources

Company Information:

Joint Venture Information:

Joint Venture Name: Black Marlin Ventures
Cage Code: 9M5B4
Phone: 814-397-6832

​HUB-Zone Company Information

SDVOSB Company Name: Lucayan Technology Solutions, LLC
Address: 1228 E. 7th Avenue, Suite 201, Tampa, FL 33605-3505
Cage Code: 7HSE7
DUNS: 12-944-9892
HUBZone Certification Date: 10 February 2017
HUBZone Certification Number: 56757
Cage Code: 9M5B4