Bandwidth requirements for networks have become more complex with exponentially increasing volumes of data and more focus on reliability.  Private fiber solutions provide reliable, high-bandwidth solutions to meet these needs.

Commdex designs custom fiber solutions that provide seamless network extension and swift deployment, delivered with speed, simplicity and confidence.  Our engineers will work with you to develop a custom network design that can meet the diverse needs of your enterprise for bandwidth, reliability and scalability.

Our network team delivers a complete solution including:

  • Network applications and bandwidth analysis
  • Network security requirements
  • Redundancy and reliability
  • Disaster recovery
  • Right of Way permiting, easement applications and trenching.
  • Network construction
  • Network commissioning
  • Network management and maintenance

To address your budget pressures and to protect your system from obsolescence, we offer subscription-based Technology as a Service (Taas) with a No-questions-asked Solution Replacement Guarantee to upgrade your solution at any point in the term of the contract if your current solution no longer meets your needs.


"Their services are beyond our expectations in terms of cost savings and the speed with which we accomplished our goal. What we valued most about working with Commdex team was their ability to cut through the unpredictable road blocks of a project, keep everyone happy, and deliver exceptional results.”

- CIO, City of Irving, Converged Fiber Network

“I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you, and your team, for your extraordinary levels of support, cooperation and performance on this major opportunity. Also special thanks for being proactive on many fronts. Among all of our partners, this is a unique recognition regarding you and Commdex.”

- Pre-Sale Project Manager, Maryland FiRST system