Commdex CEO Takes Over As President Of Safer Buildings Coalition

Atlanta, Ga. October 5, 2022 – After serving on the Board of Safer Buildings Coalition (SBC) for the last two years, Commdex CEO, Prince Niyyar, has assumed the role of President of the Board. In this position, he will be leading the Board and Executive Committee comprised of industry veterans to set the priorities of the organization and carry out its governance functions for the enhancement of in-building public safety communications.

The SBC fosters constructive collaboration among wireless industry stakeholders such as Commercial Real Estate and End Users, Manufacturers, Distributors, Integrators, Engineering and Design, Wireless Carriers, Third-Party Operators, and others to further the mission of making buildings safer for First Responders and the public they serve. Commdex is a proud member of the SBC as it plays a key role in planning, designing, and developing in-building wireless solutions nationwide. Commdex brings to SBC a deep understanding of the public safety industry and expert knowledge of the Land Mobile Radio/FirstNet communications solutions that the First Responders use.

“I am honored to lead the Safer Buildings Coalition Board of Directors.” Prince Niyyar, Commdex’s President, said, “SBC’s mission very closely aligns with the mission of Commdex to help our customers communicate seamlessly. This role will allow me to further our mission by leveraging the SBC partnership to bring the industry together in providing in-building wireless solutions to public safety customers for the purpose of making the communities safer. I am looking forward to working with SBC leadership to shape the future of SBC so we can make more impact as an organization and deliver more value to the members of SBC.”

About Commdex

Commdex provides network solutions to telecommunications service providers and manufacturers for the deployment of telecom networks, facilities, and supporting systems. Commdex specializes in designing and implementing mission-critical voice and data networks over 4G/5G, Wi-Fi, microwave, land mobile radio, DAS, SATCOM, and other technologies. Commdex offers a broad, rich portfolio of proven telecom solutions.. Its solutions, services, and methodologies have been tested and proven in hundreds of customer environments. Its customer base ranges from state, local, and federal customers to large enterprises and equipment manufacturers. For more information, visit Commdex at