If you’re in the business of moving people or cargo — in the air, on the ground, or at sea — access to real-time data is vital to your success. Commdex can help you accelerate productivity, profitability and operational efficiencies in passenger, cargo and carrier operations. Whether it’s our proven, industry-standard voice, video and data communications networks; a private end-to-end network, wireless, and messaging solution for your operations; or a custom configuration integrating existing infrastructure with new technology, Commdex has a solution for everything you need.

Our integrated approach to quickly produce and deliver solutions for our customers is found within the iComm360o capabilities only found within Commdex.  With a proven framework, you can have the confidence that your system is delivered with proven expertise through the capability of a proven systems integrator that understands the full life cycle of Communications projects.


“During the many years I have utilized their services, they have continued to meet or exceed my expectations. Further, they have always succeeded in accommodating my requests for services, often with only a short notice.”

- Project Manager, Southeast Rebanding Project

“I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you, and your team, for your extraordinary levels of support, cooperation and performance on this major opportunity. Also special thanks for being proactive on many fronts. Among all of our partners, this is a unique recognition regarding you and Commdex.”

- Pre-Sale Project Manager, Maryland FiRST system