Site Quality Audits

Commdex conducts on-site quality audits of existing equipment installation, system grounding, electrical power distribution and surge suppression at communications sites. The audits ensure that the equipment is installed to the highest quality engineering, construction and installation techniques and practices in a way that enhances system performance, equipment reliability and availability. The audit identifies and documents any deficiencies that are related to the existing facilities that are currently or planned for use as communications sites. This includes:

  • Grounding and Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) systems
  • Equipment rooms, generators, fuel sources, site compound components and utility hook-ups and facility improvements.
  • Electrical systems, such as wiring, UPS, and batteries as well as environmental components, such as air conditioning
  • Towers (including cabling, antennas and transmission lines),
    fixed network equipment and all related cabling.

After the site audit is complete, Commdex provides a comprehensive summary report with digital photos that identify gaps in compliance and recommendations to bring the site up to standard. The report provides the information required to take appropriate corrective action to help minimize susceptibility to site-related failures.

If you have any questions or to request a quote for your upcoming R56 audit please reach out to


The folks who provide the service are first-rate and knowledgeable. They are friendly to work with and strive for excellence.

- Project Manager, State of Maryland Statewide Communications System Project

This fast paced project was not only completed on time, but also within budget. I highly recommend using them on future projects.

- Communications System Manager, Louisville Metrosafe Communications Services.