Evaluation and Planning Services

As a trusted advisor, we provide agencies with an honest evaluation and overview of their current systems.  Both strong and weak points are identified along with itemized recommendations for improvements and updates to ensure continuity of service.  Each system is looked at individually and in how it impacts the whole.

  • E911 Capability
  • NextGen 911 Capability
  • Critical Connectivity Infrastructure Review & Evaluation
  • E911 Funding Accuracy
  • CAD, RMS and Mobile Systems Review
  • Back-up and Disaster Systems Review
  • Interoperability Review
  • Mutual Aid Agreement Review & Evaluation
  • Fire & EMS Posting & Station Management Review
  • Leased Line Evaluation
  • New Construction Evaluation


“…..outstanding customer service to the Virginia State Police troopers and other ruggedized mobile computer users representing various STARS agencies”

- Engineering Manager, Virginia Statewide Agencies Radio System (STARS) Project

“During the many years I have utilized their services, they have continued to meet or exceed my expectations. Further, they have always succeeded in accommodating my requests for services, often with only a short notice.”

- Project Manager, Southeast Rebanding Project