Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Solutions

With our experience on hundreds of communications voice and data systems including large statewide and regional programs, Commdex has experts that also provide training and consulting services on critical technologies including Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) Project 25 (P25), and Phase 2 Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) standards. In addition, our staff uses a broad suite of engineering tools for analysis of RF propagation, voice traffic, interference and intermodulation, conventional and trunked network architecture, and spectrum availability.

Our abundance of experience in this area ensures our ability to deliver the right solution the first time that meets your needs. We assist you with the development of your technology migration paths, including legacy to P25 system conversions. In addition, we create a deployment plan that facilitates the most strategic project decisions.

To address your budget pressures and to protect your system from obsolescence, we offer subscription-based Technology as a Service (Taas) with a No-questions-asked Solution Replacement Guarantee to upgrade your solution at any point in the term of the contract if your current solution no longer meets your needs.


“…..outstanding customer service to the Virginia State Police troopers and other ruggedized mobile computer users representing various STARS agencies”

- Engineering Manager, Virginia Statewide Agencies Radio System (STARS) Project

"This fast paced project was not only completed on time, but also within budget. I highly recommend using them on future projects.”

- Communications System Manager, Louisville Metrosafe Communications Services