Systems Analysis

With our suite of products and services we ensure that every level of an agency knows and fully understands the results of the data they collect, what it means to them and how it impacts the people they serve.

  • Intelligent Workforce Management
  • Court Integration for Overtime Management
  • Unit Utilization & Costs
  • Business Intelligence Systems
  • Emergency Preparedness Planning
  • CAD2CAD Integrations with Partner Agencies & Reporting
  • Real-Time Optimized Dispatch Capabilities
  • Predictive Analysis for Unit Deployments
  • Custom Reporting & Search Tools


"Very trustworthy and professional staff makes it a sincere pleasure to work with Commdex”

- Program Director, City of Houston Communication System project

“Great project management and focused on addressing the customers concerns.”

- Contracting Officer Rep, DHS, Federal Protective Services, Nationwide MegaCenters Upgrade Program