Command Center Solutions

In the midst of an incident, the focus is on the safety of the people involved and restoring order. For an effective response to emergencies, personnel at the incident command centers need the right tools that provide immediate access to accurate information, and the ability to quickly deploy available responders and resources.

Our solutions integrate the command center, field personnel and citizens, with technologies such as CAD/RMS, AVL, Video Analytics, NG-911, etc. to provide dispatch personnel the analytical power to recognize trends, maximize effective deployment, manage operations and anticipate problems before they strike. When lives are on the line or business continuity is jeopardized, our integrated solutions accelerate incident management and resolution by enhancing data retrieval, analysis and sharing so that you can remain focused on the information at hand to act with speed and decisiveness.


Commdex always is very responsive to our requests and has worked tirelessly to accommodate our ever-changing delivery and installation schedule.

- Project Manager, National Park Service

"This fast paced project was not only completed on time, but also within budget. I highly recommend using them on future projects.”

- Communications System Manager, Louisville Metrosafe Communications Services.

“With the capable on-site assistance of (Commdex Employees), their combined knowledge, skill, expertise and dedication obviously resulted in a very professional and timely installation process.”

- Operations Manager, Virginia Port Authority Police Department, Video Surveillance Project