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Contract Number GS-35F-373DA
Contract Period June 24, 2016 – June 23,2026
DUNS Number 014251149

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  • Simplified online ordering and use of Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs)
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Infrastructure Installation

Site construction activities seamlessly follow the post-Design phase of activities. This process utilizes the design deliverables to acquire licenses and permits for site acquisition (if required) as well as facility construction and/or modifications. The entire project team participates in these project planning and scheduling activities to prepare realistic milestones and project timelines to efficiently sequence the work and minimize build time. All installations follow the standard procedure for each equipment type utilizing Commdex resources to provision, install, and commission in accordance with OEM specifications. All work is performed in strict compliance to installation quality standards and Installations are coordinated with local points of contact to minimize any impact to ongoing operations.

User Device Installation. Once equipment has shipped to their designated locations, our field installation teams will review received inventory against delivery lists to ensure accuracy, then begin installation operations in accordance with our guidelines. Some installations may require additional information through surveys or other pre-installation services based on user requirements. All installations follow the standard procedure utilizing Commdex resources to provision, test, install, and commission in accordance with OEM and agency specifications. Equipment is installed on-site at a predetermined location by a self-sufficient field team that possess all required tools and materials to complete the installation and testing.

Field Testing

Commdex has developed test plans for communications systems and end user devices that fully exercise all features and capabilities and are proven across many deployments. Acceptance testing is a crucial part of any equipment installation or repair to ensure that the affected equipment performs per the manufacturer’s specifications, and give the end user confidence that the equipment performs as expected in support of the mission. With any system, two of the primary goals of an Acceptance Test Plan (ATP) are being a standard process that eliminates localized variations in procedure and results, and providing a known reference that can be used for troubleshooting purposes.

User Training

Prior to cutover, users will be trained on new system equipment including updates to any Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that are modified as part of the new system deployment. This training is critical to ensure that the users are using the system properly and make maximum use of system capabilities. Commdex has extensive experience in training user groups on different aspects of system infrastructure. Our Subject Matter Experts are regularly used by Motorola’s Worldwide Learning Service to act as trainers for Motorola systems and site installation best practices.

Technical Training

Technical training is provided for key personnel through a combination of onsite and classroom training suited to project needs. Field Trainers provide on-site system training prior to system commissioning for system support staff. Classroom Trainers provide in-market lab training for system support staff. Where possible, the proposed system will be used for training. Certain training classes associated with fixed RF or data infrastructure often involve connecting diagnostic test equipment to one or more of these devices for the purposes of diagnosing, repairing, or aligning the fixed equipment.

Transition Support

The transition from a previous solution to a new solution, commonly known as cutover, is a delicate process that requires extensive experience to minimize disruptions. Commdex excels in multi-agency cutovers, and examples include the State of Maryland and the CBP Calexico project in California.


“Very trustworthy and professional staff makes it a sincere pleasure to work with Commdex”

- Norm Folger, Program Director, Motorola

“They are professional and responsive to my request.”

- Seminole County, FL Program Manager II, Telecommunications

“Great project management and focused on addressing the customers concerns.”

- Contracting Officer Rep, DHS, Federal Protective Services, Nationwide MegaCenters Upgrade Program

“Commdex has been able to move the project much faster.”

- Captain, Missouri Highway Patrol on the implementation of Statewide IP MPLS system

"Their services are beyond our expectations in terms of cost savings and the speed with which we accomplished our goal. What we valued most about working with Commdex team was their ability to cut through the unpredictable road blocks of a project, keep everyone happy, and deliver exceptional results.”

- Assistant IT Director, City of Irving

“Responsive, expertise and team they bring to the project.”

- Commander U.S. Department of Homeland Security Communications Management Division,

“Congratulations on completing the impossible ahead of schedule”

- Program Manager, Fortune 500 Company

“Your team has done a fantastic job on all fronts and we are extremely impressed.”

- Branch Chief, DHS-CBP, Tactical Communications, regarding Commdex’s DHS CBP Houlton Project Performance

“I wanted to thank you personally for supplying two of the best wireless and MOTOMESH technicians I’ve worked with in my 3-5 years of Motorola’s WIBB data strategy and project implementations.”

- National Accounts Manager, Fortune 500 Company

“I will say that I am very, very impressed.”

- USACE Contract Specialist, regarding Commdex’s work on DHS Calexico, CA RVSS Project